York Place has a rich, longstanding history that dates back to the mid-1800s. The Kings Mountain Military School was built on the York Place site in 1857 but was discontinued in 1886. The site was later reoccupied in 1909 when the Church Home Orphanage, later known as the Episcopal Church Home for Children, moved from Charleston to York, making York Place the first church-supported Home for Children in the state of South Carolina. Though York Place is no longer operational as a children’s home, we wish to pay homage to its history by coming full circle and constructing an intergenerational community on the York Place site. Constructing an intergenerational community means we will build a high-quality retirement community, while also providing children’s programming. This unique opportunity will allow for a vibrant lifestyle that benefits both our residents and the children alike. 

The York Place campus feels like a peaceful park that is ready to be revived and be filled with the sounds of activity once again. The natural beauty of the campus will allow for not just residences, but ample outdoor amenities as well. Possible amenities include walking paths, areas for socialization, exercise trails, and quiet areas for reflection. Folks of all ages will be able to come to York Place and find a connection to nature that is beneficial to all. We can't wait to see this project come to life!