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THW Design (THW) has officially been chosen to create the master land plan for the upcoming York Place Community. THW is based out of Atlanta and has a wealth of experience designing retirement communities. THW has a longstanding history with Still Hopes Episcopal Retirement Community, which is located in West Columbia, South Carolina. Still Hopes is an integral partner with the Diocese in making the York Place Community come to life. However, THW’s history with Still Hopes did not guarantee their involvement with York Place. Danny Sanford, Still Hopes’ CEO, sent four architectural firms a request for proposal, and all four sent back a bid. “THW really stepped up to the plate on this new development, and with excitement agreed to do the Master Plan work at no cost to the project. Further, they quoted a very competitive fee for the architectural design work that will follow the Master Plan development. We are proud to continue our partnership with THW.” explains Danny.

Next steps for THW and Still Hopes include meeting with financial advisors Clifton Larson Allen to solidify a construction cost analysis, and meeting with key players in York such as the zoning and planning divisions. Discussions will also take place with early childhood education professionals at Winthrop University to design a plan for the early childhood development component of the new York Place Community.

Danny says “This unique opportunity to create an intergenerational community that provides a vibrant, wellness focused, place for seniors to live well and age well, and a place for children and young people to learn and to spend quality time with elders as they mature, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a community that is amazing and wonderful. Still Hopes and Winthrop University are both excited to finally be working together to bring the vision to life. Both organizations realize that to get this right, we need to work together with the town of York, with the architect, and with one another, to create a collaborative plan that will exceed all expectations.” 

The goal is for THW to have a high-level design plan by April 2022 and have a detailed land plan by June 2022. As soon as the detailed land plan is available, it will be shared right here on this website!